A sad goodbye

Dear parents/carers,

I cannot believe that half term is nearly upon us and then it will be preparing for Christmas. It has been a busy term (as usual).

The junior pupils are really enjoying the changes made in the junior yard. The clamber stack is proving to be very popular and is so important in developing our children’s physical skills. We have also created a zone where the children can practise their creative skills. We have lots more plans for the outdoor environment and will keep you updated.

On Wednesday we had a fund raising day in support of Mellon Educate, the money raised will go to help build a school in Africa, we raised a fantastic £141.30. So thank you for your generosity and support.

Thank you also for  your contribution to the Macmillan fund raising in school from which we raised a £311. A truly outstanding amount

I have been observing lessons in the last few weeks and have seen some wonderful practice. The pupils in Terrace Road never fail to amaze me with their love of learning and enthusiasm.  I saw excellent co-operation and collaboration, ICT and literacy skills. It was such a lovely time; I really enjoy spending time in the classrooms and with the children.

As you may be aware our wonderful Mrs Beynon will be leaving us next week to take up a post in another school. She has been in Terrace Road for eighteen  years and has taught so many children across these years. Recently she has been responsible for Additional Learning Needs in Terrace Road and has done an outstanding job, which was recognised by Estyn during our inspection. Mrs Beynon’s commitment to our children has always been at the forefront of everything she does and she cares very much that all the children in Terrace Road have every opportunity to be happy and reach their potential. The staff in Terrace Road and myself have learnt so much from her and she will be missed. I know you will join me in wishing her all the very best and to come back and see us whenever she can. She will always be part of Terrace Road. Miss George has been appointed as the new ALNCo i and the Governing Body have agreed that to fulfill this post she will be released from her teaching role; therefore her class will be taught by Miss Thomas after half term. Miss Thomas is an enthusiastic, very funny teacher and is very excited to start in Terrace Road.

I also need to let you know that Mrs Steele will also be leaving us to take up a new post after half term. She has been in Terrace Road for four years and has been instrumental in the development of maths and the new curriculum in the junior department. She is an excellent teacher and will be missed.  Mrs Steele has always given her best to the school and we wish her the very best for her future post. Miss Brown will be the new teacher in the class, she has been teaching in London but has returned home to Wales so we are excited by her experience and she is very excited and keen to start in Terrace Road.

Have a lovely half term

Thank you for your continued support

Alison Evans  (Headteacher)

Welcome back

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Terrace Road after the summer holidays. It is always really lovely to see all the staff and children on the first day back. I have to say I am  pleased to see so many children in their school uniform looking eager and ready to learn.

Over the holidays, I am sure you will have noticed that we have made some changes to the junior yard. There is now a fantastic climbing frame, a new raised area and  new planters. The children love the climbing frame – it is certainly very robust (it will need to be!) We are hoping to build another raised area which will become a performance stage (request from Miss George). We will be asking parents in the next couple of weeks if they can donate some bulbs to plant to give the yard some colour. It is always very gratifying when we can add some new equipment to the children’s outdoor areas, it makes such a big difference. I need to say a HUGE thank you to the PTA who have fund raised for a few years to provide this new equipment in the junior yard – their dedication and commitment to Terrace Road is so appreciated. Also thank you to the parents who support the school so well during these fund raising occasions. The Summer Fete was a great success and we raised over £1,200, so thank you again.

At the end of May we had an Estyn Inspection. The final report was published on the 24th July and can be found on the Estyn website and our school website. We were very pleased with their findings and it is a testament to the wonderful staff in the school. I am particularly thrilled by the fantastic comments about the children, their behaviour and attitude. They always make me so proud.

We will be selecting our prefects and Head Girl and Head Boy in the coming week. I have already received lots of letters from the Year 6 pupils giving their reasons why they would like to be a prefect, I am always so impressed with their understanding of the role. Here are some of their comments in their letters:

‘I can communicate well with others and always work to the best of my abilities’.

‘I am kind, hardworking, caring and compassionate’.

I am kind, respectful and helpful and will sort out problems’.

‘I’m always showing our values no matter what’.

‘I always follow the golden rule which is to treat others how you wish to be treated’.

‘I welcome newcomers with a smile as bright as the sun, I also have a quick chat about their day’.

‘I am good at helping others and I like learning new skills’.

‘I will do my best’.

‘I am kind and friendly, I love school’.

‘I am a good listener who cares about other people and their feelings’.

‘Since I joined Terrace Road the prefects have inspired me to be a better person’.

‘If I am picked as a prefect I would take my duties very seriously’.

‘I would make sure all the children are looked after and I would set an outstanding example to others at all time’.

I think we can easily say the children in Terrace Road are wonderful.

The children who feel they would like to be Head Girl or Head Boy are busy writing speeches which they will present to all the junior children on Friday 14th. All the junior children and all the staff in school vote on who they would like to be Head Girl and Boy. We will announce, on this Friday,  the who has been  chosen as prefects and who will be our Head Girl and Boy, Deputy Head Girl and Boy and our Head Prefect.

Our value this half term is Unity (I like this one as it links to our school motto’ United Through Learning’).

In my assembly on Wednesday the children had the opportunity to contribute what behaviours they would like to see in Terrace Road to show Unity. I put a behaviour  in of my own this time as I felt it is a important one for us as a school. I then  created a poster with three of these behaviours,  which are put up in the classrooms and around the school.  In Friday’s Celebration Assembly children are awarded leaves if they show these behaviours, which are then  placed on the Value’s Tree in the junior hall.

Here are the behaviours for Unity (and the names of the children ( and adult) who suggested them)

Unity is:

Teamwork                        (Nyams, Bob, Abi-Jayne, Jaxon, Johnny, Ashton, Kai, Atiyya, Jonty )

Including everyone                (Ella-Rae, Keira, Roxanne, Linsey, Brandon, Tillie )

Being stronger together                                  (Mrs Evans)


Thank you for your continued support it is very much appreciated.

Alison Evans





Proud winners

Dear parents, carers and children,

The National tests are all completed and we are all so proud of how the children in school tackled them. Everyone showed great resilience and determination even when they found some of the questions tricky. You may have heard your child talking about the ‘learning pit’ and how to get themselves out of the learning pit. We are working with all the children in Terrace Road to understand that it is okay to find something difficult as with support and practice they will get better, it is about the power of ‘yet’ – we say to the children ‘you may not be able to do it ‘yet’.’

The value for this half term is Courage. I have worked with the Key Stage 2 children and we have decided on the behaviours we would like to see in Terrace Road that would show the value of courage.

Courage is

Facing your fear (Lucas, Konstantinos and Johnny)

Trying even when it is hard (Ellie May, Defne, Violet, Roxanne, Jonty, Adaeze, Katie, Jada Rae, Hannah

Standing up for yourself (Molly Bae, Mary)


We have lots of plans for the junior yard. The money that has been raised by the PTA over the last couple of  years  will go towards creating an outdoor area that is more stimulating, with resources that will enhance playtimes and outdoor  learning in the junior area.

It is great to see so many children in school uniform, the staff are all so proud of the Terrace Road team spirit. I know I have said it many times but if you look smart you think smart. As I type every child in Reception is wearing school uniform so thank you.

Terrace Road have been successful in the Show Racism the Red Card competition again this year. The school were winners in the Creative category. The Year 6 pupils created a video based on everyday racism and the sort of comments they have had to endure in their very young lives. It is an exceptional film with a very powerful message, if you get a chance please go to  http://www.theredcard.org/news/2018/3/16/creative-competition-wales-prize-winning-entries to view it. I am so proud of our children , they are such thoughtful tolerant young people. Renata in Year 6 also won an individual competition by creating a design for a T Shirt, it is a very colourful original design with a strong message.

As you may know the school is being inspected next week by Estyn. There will be a team of five inspectors who will look at all aspects of school life. You may well have completed a parent questionnaire. On Monday 21st May after school there will be an opportunity for you to meet some of the inspection team who will be seeking your views on the school. If you are able to attend the meeting will be in the junior hall (exact time to be confirmed). We will provide a creche facility. I will communicate the final details as soon as I can.

Can I thank the parents who endeavour to get their children to school on time. It is really important  that the children do not miss the first part of the school day and your child is relaxed and ready to learn. We do have a Breakfast Club facility that opens at 8.10 am.

Thank you for your continued support

Alison Evans (Headteacher)



To be the best you can be

Dear parents, carers and children,

The children from Year 2 to Year 6 have all completed the National Tests. Once again I have been so impressed  with  each and  everyone of them. I can honestly say they have tried their very best, even when they have found something challenging. It made me so proud to see one Year 6 pupil had written ‘I did my best’ on the back of one of his test papers and as the children know, that is always good enough. We cannot ask for anything more. I want to say that these tests do not measure how kind and caring they are; their ability to work in a team; how good they are at sports; their performing skills; their respect for each other; their sense of humour; their love of learning; how interesting and interested they are and their individuality. These are the things that make them special and are the essence of our school.

There is some magic happening in Terrace Road at the moment. As you will know, Mrs Castle has started her maternity leave. She gave birth to a beautiful boy – Xavi. They are both really well. We have seen photos but cannot wait for him to visit us in school.  I also have the pleasure in informing you that  Mrs Williams, Mrs Stanhope, Mrs Hall and Mrs Carra are all expecting babies!  They will be on maternity leave when we return to school after the summer holidays. We are in the process of appointing new teachers to cover their classes so I will keep you updated.

The attendance at the moment is the best it has ever been. At the end of the spring term over 130 children had over 98% attendance for that term. Our attendance to date stands at 95.3% which is fantastic. So thank you, I know we can maintain this with your support.

Thank you

Alison Evans



Thank you

Dear parents, carers and children,

On  Sunday 19th March we had a community day – I was overwhelmed with the response from parents, pupils, staff and the local community. Throughout the day we must have had 50 volunteers who were given jobs to do around the school to improve the environment. Our school is a wonderful building with immense character, however it does present some challenges with the upkeep. John our caretaker works so hard but could sometimes do with a helping hand. We managed in the day to paint areas of the school, clear some of the garden areas, throw away clutter and make a very good start on painting the railings around the school. There was a real community spirit that day. Lifepoint Church were a huge help and even set up a football match in the yard to keep some of the children entertained. We had lots of parental support, who were so willing to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in. Thank you. Anything that can be done  to make Terrace Road even better for our children is very much appreciated. If you have been on Terrace Road you will see that we did not finishing painting the railings (the weather defeated us) but we have a plan to complete them and those on Norfolk Street, in the near future. If anyone feels they could help out please come and see me, we do need your help.

Comic Relief was a huge success, as it always is in Terrace Road. All the children and staff wore pyjamas and donated money to do so. The infants decorated biscuits and sold them at the end of the day.  I asked the Year 5 and 6 children if they would like to play a part in the day by organising some events. Their response was fantastic. They worked in groups to set up stalls and activities – we had a tuck shop, cross bar challenge, penalty shoot out, face painting, nail varnish, guess the number, guess the name of the teddy, balloon pop and  a Red Nose decorated biscuit stall, we even had some children doing a sponsored silence. The Year 5 and 6 pupils raised a massive £382. I know you will agree with me that is exceptional, we do have the most caring children. I am so proud of them. The grand total for the day was £680. I am very grateful that Terrace Road has the most generous parents so thank you. This money will make such a difference to children who need some help and support.

The attendance for the year (so far) is exactly 95% – hurrah. This is the first time we have reached the recommended target from Welsh Assembly Government. We need to sustain and improve on this until the end of the school year (July 2017). I have promised the children that if we are 95% or above at the end of the summer term we will have a party (suggested by Kobir). So thank you again for helping us achieve this and let’s really try to make sure the children get their party in July.

We had some visitors this week from Llandeilo Primary School, the Headteacher Mrs Towns,  and some of the staff  came to look at Restorative Practice in Terrace Road. They joined us in our staff Check In and observed some class Check Ins in the Foundation Phase. They then spoke to our RP Buddies about their role in the school and how they feel Restorative Practice helps us in Terrace Road. Again, the children were a credit to our school, they spoke with enthusiasm and incredible understanding which demonstrated so clearly the positive impact Restorative Practice has had in our school. The teachers from Llandeilo were very impressed with our children and so was I.

Can I just remind you again the National Test week is 3rd may 2017 to the 10th May 2017.

Thank you for your support

Alison Evans

Having fun while learning

Dear parents, carers and children,

What a triumph the World Book Day in Terrace Road on Thursday 9th March was. It was such a fun day with promoting the love of reading at the heart. A huge thank you to all the people from our school community that came in to read to the children. The children really enjoyed listening to a ‘different’ voice and it demonstrated to them that reading is important at any age. The number of children who dressed up as a book character was impressive. I saw Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, The Cat in the Hat, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Robin Hood, Willy Wonka, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep and so many more. There was a real buzz in the school. Not only did the children dress up the staff also came dressed in  a variety of outfits depicting characters from a book. They never disappoint! One of the most successful parts of the day was when the junior children read to the infant children. The staff were really impressed with both the older and younger children. The juniors were amazing, involving the infants by asking questions, using fantastic expression and voices to make sure the story was as interesting as possible. The infants listened very well and thoroughly enjoyed hearing a story being read by another child. We had a book swap, where a child brought in a book and swapped  with one another child had brought in. The day culminated in a parade so we could all see the amazing outfits. Two of our Reading Leaders – Casey and Yusef and Sharon Jones (Curriculum Leader for the Education Authority) were our judges and gave awards for the most interesting outfits. Kev John (who we love ) read a story to the whole school and was, as always hilarious. It was a wonderful day, organised by Mrs Williams and Mrs Roberts who, I know you will agree, did an outstanding job.

On Sunday 19th March we are having a community day. The aim of this day is to make Terrace Road even better and brighter. We want to paint the railings, tidy up the garden areas and yards and paint areas inside the school, which is ambitious but with enough volunteers we can do it. So if you can give some time on that day we would we very grateful. We are starting at 10 o’ clock in the morning and hoping to finish around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. If you can help out, even for an hour, please could you let us know so we can organise the day. A letter has gone out with the children with a reply slip. However, if you haven’t seen the letter just give the school a ring or speak to one of the staff if you are able to help. Lifepoint Church are bringing their football team and will be organising games in the yard for the children.

Just a reminder that the National Tests are approaching  – these are the tests set by the Welsh Assembly Government for all pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 in primary schools. There are three separate tests – Reading, Maths Procedural and Maths Reasoning and are to be administered from the 3rd May 2017 through to the 10th May 2017. I would ask parents to make every effort to ensure their children are in school for those dates.

Again I thank you for the support to give to the school.

Alison Evans




It is good to be back

Dear parents, carers and children,

After being away from Terrace Road for 6 months it is lovely to be back. It was such a pleasure to see the children again and some of them have grown so much in that short space of time. The prefects that were appointed in September are doing a very good job in ensuring that movement around the school is calm and orderly, I have been very impressed with how responsible they are. They are very good role models for the rest of the children in the school.

I was pleased to see so many of the children looking smart in their school uniform, thank you. It really does make a difference and the children feel they are part of the Terrace Road team. There are also many new faces, as a school we are exceptionally good at welcoming new children and making them feel happy and secure.

Our value for this month is Love. The junior children suggested that these are the behaviours that show love in Terrace Road.

Love is:                                                                                                                                                           Making someone smile.                                                                                                                                 Making yourself and others feel safe.                                                                                                         Being kind and caring.

These behaviours are written on a poster and displayed in all the classrooms and around the school. When a child shows these behaviours they are given a leaf which is placed on our value’s tree in the junior hall. The value for February is Friendship. I will keep you posted on the behaviours chosen by the children that show friendship in Terrace Road.


On Friday 2nd February we had an NSPCC Number Day. The children and staff wore clothes with numbers on, I wore a rather fetching Numicon crown. We also carried out number based activities throughout the day. We raised £125 for the NSPCC so thank you. It never fails to impress me generosity of the parents and children of Terrace Road.

This coming Friday 9th February we will be having a day to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, organised by Mr James. His father is very kindly supporting the day by sponsoring a bouncy castle and Mr James is organising a Dodge Ball tournament with the junior children. There will even be a staff team!

If you have been in the school you will see that we have new carpets on all the stairwells. they look a lot brighter and smarter. We have also made some changes to the infant gates. The old ones have been replaced and there is now a much wider opening for easier access into and out of the yard. We are working on improving the garden areas in the infant yard, Mr Davies our site manager has been working hard on building new planters. If you can give some time to help us make these improvements we would be very grateful.

I am very pleased to say that we are a ‘Green’ school for the second year. This is testament to the very hard working staff who always give their very best to ensure the children of Terrace Road are happy and reach their potential.

Thank you for your continued support.

Alison Evans