Having fun while learning

Dear parents, carers and children,

What a triumph the World Book Day in Terrace Road on Thursday 9th March was. It was such a fun day with promoting the love of reading at the heart. A huge thank you to all the people from our school community that came in to read to the children. The children really enjoyed listening to a ‘different’ voice and it demonstrated to them that reading is important at any age. The number of children who dressed up as a book character was impressive. I saw Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, The Cat in the Hat, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Robin Hood, Willy Wonka, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep and so many more. There was a real buzz in the school. Not only did the children dress up the staff also came dressed in  a variety of outfits depicting characters from a book. They never disappoint! One of the most successful parts of the day was when the junior children read to the infant children. The staff were really impressed with both the older and younger children. The juniors were amazing, involving the infants by asking questions, using fantastic expression and voices to make sure the story was as interesting as possible. The infants listened very well and thoroughly enjoyed hearing a story being read by another child. We had a book swap, where a child brought in a book and swapped  with one another child had brought in. The day culminated in a parade so we could all see the amazing outfits. Two of our Reading Leaders – Casey and Yusef and Sharon Jones (Curriculum Leader for the Education Authority) were our judges and gave awards for the most interesting outfits. Kev John (who we love ) read a story to the whole school and was, as always hilarious. It was a wonderful day, organised by Mrs Williams and Mrs Roberts who, I know you will agree, did an outstanding job.

On Sunday 19th March we are having a community day. The aim of this day is to make Terrace Road even better and brighter. We want to paint the railings, tidy up the garden areas and yards and paint areas inside the school, which is ambitious but with enough volunteers we can do it. So if you can give some time on that day we would we very grateful. We are starting at 10 o’ clock in the morning and hoping to finish around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. If you can help out, even for an hour, please could you let us know so we can organise the day. A letter has gone out with the children with a reply slip. However, if you haven’t seen the letter just give the school a ring or speak to one of the staff if you are able to help. Lifepoint Church are bringing their football team and will be organising games in the yard for the children.

Just a reminder that the National Tests are approaching  – these are the tests set by the Welsh Assembly Government for all pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 in primary schools. There are three separate tests – Reading, Maths Procedural and Maths Reasoning and are to be administered from the 3rd May 2017 through to the 10th May 2017. I would ask parents to make every effort to ensure their children are in school for those dates.

Again I thank you for the support to give to the school.

Alison Evans




It is good to be back

Dear parents, carers and children,

After being away from Terrace Road for 6 months it is lovely to be back. It was such a pleasure to see the children again and some of them have grown so much in that short space of time. The prefects that were appointed in September are doing a very good job in ensuring that movement around the school is calm and orderly, I have been very impressed with how responsible they are. They are very good role models for the rest of the children in the school.

I was pleased to see so many of the children looking smart in their school uniform, thank you. It really does make a difference and the children feel they are part of the Terrace Road team. There are also many new faces, as a school we are exceptionally good at welcoming new children and making them feel happy and secure.

Our value for this month is Love. The junior children suggested that these are the behaviours that show love in Terrace Road.

Love is:                                                                                                                                                           Making someone smile.                                                                                                                                 Making yourself and others feel safe.                                                                                                         Being kind and caring.

These behaviours are written on a poster and displayed in all the classrooms and around the school. When a child shows these behaviours they are given a leaf which is placed on our value’s tree in the junior hall. The value for February is Friendship. I will keep you posted on the behaviours chosen by the children that show friendship in Terrace Road.


On Friday 2nd February we had an NSPCC Number Day. The children and staff wore clothes with numbers on, I wore a rather fetching Numicon crown. We also carried out number based activities throughout the day. We raised £125 for the NSPCC so thank you. It never fails to impress me generosity of the parents and children of Terrace Road.

This coming Friday 9th February we will be having a day to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, organised by Mr James. His father is very kindly supporting the day by sponsoring a bouncy castle and Mr James is organising a Dodge Ball tournament with the junior children. There will even be a staff team!

If you have been in the school you will see that we have new carpets on all the stairwells. they look a lot brighter and smarter. We have also made some changes to the infant gates. The old ones have been replaced and there is now a much wider opening for easier access into and out of the yard. We are working on improving the garden areas in the infant yard, Mr Davies our site manager has been working hard on building new planters. If you can give some time to help us make these improvements we would be very grateful.

I am very pleased to say that we are a ‘Green’ school for the second year. This is testament to the very hard working staff who always give their very best to ensure the children of Terrace Road are happy and reach their potential.

Thank you for your continued support.

Alison Evans





Nadolig Llawen 

Well I can’t believe that it is the end of another term already! 

During the final week of term our KS2 children got to perform in front of many parents and friends of Terrace Road on Wednesday. It was a packed out Junior hall and it was great to see so many people smiling and having a really good time during another successful panto! Our staff worked tirelessly to coordinate such a successful show and I’m sure that they are looking forward to a well deserved break over the holidays.

The PTA have raised over £1000 this week to various excellently organised activities. We hope to see the benefits of this fundraising next summer with plans to remodel our key stage 2 playground. I would like to thank the PTA for their continued hard work and dedication. I can assure everyone by that the money will be well spent benefit the pupils of Terrace Road.

In other news, our new foyer is now complete. Mrs Dowle and Mrs. Lloyd-Owen, our office manager and pastoral officer, will be working with you through our new and improved glazed opening that I’m sure you will agree is more welcoming than the ‘old hatch.’

There will be some maintenance going on out throughout the Christmas holidays including new carpets in many areas of the school that will give our beautiful Victorian building a well needed lift. The school council, head boy and head girl gave their recommendations on carpet colours and vinyl flooring for the toilets in our Junior department and I’m sure they will be happy to see the results in the new year.

In January, we welcome back Mrs Evans as headteacher and I will be back in class with my wonderful Y3/4 children. We won’t be saying goodbye to Miss Morris as she will be staying with us to work with our Y2 and Y6 as writing interventions teacher.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone associated with Terrace Road Primary School a Merry Christmas and have a very relaxing new year. Thank you all for your support continued support this term and look forward to seeing you all in 2017.

HT Blog – 09/12/16

It has been a very busy couple of weeks at Terrace Road with hundreds of you flooding through our doors to see our talented actors, singers and dancers in the variety of Christmas concerts that we have offered you.

We started this week with a Food Safety Day organised by Miss George, our healthy school leader. This was a massive success and children loved the whole school assembly, including the singing and dancing. 

We had a group of year 5/6 pupils visit the new Swansea University Bay Campus yesterday for our entrepreneurial project.  They were lucky enough to present their to 9 other schools as well as representatives from Gower college and even a candidate from the television show ‘The Apprentice’ named Adam Corbally. The children came out of the day full of creativity and raring to go for their next moneymaking project. Look out for Cariad Candles and Perfect Purses at next week’s school fayre, on Tuesday 13th December.

Next Thursday it is PARTY DAY!  Children are going to be have a fun filled day to end the term and they are all invited to wear their festive jumpers and Christmas colours to school,so it will be a non-school uniform day. We will invite children to donate to see the children as part of being able to wear Christmas jumpers. A letter will be sent out in the next few days from your class teacher.

Next week we have our junior panto, Cinderella Rockefella. This will take place on Wednesday at 1pm and Wednesday evening at 5:30pm. Parents are reminded to use the top entrance for the 1pm performance but can only use the bottom entrance on Norfolk Street for the 5:30pm show. I’m sure it is going to be fantastic show as the children have worked their socks off to entertain you, and I know they will! There are still tickets for sale but they are going fast! Get to the office to purchase yours, before it’s too late!

In other news, we have been very lucky to have Swansea council kindly renovate the old boiler room with a total cost close to £100,000. This has not come out of school budget so we are very lucky to be chosen for these upgrades. I have attached some before and after pictures for you to see how great it looks. Mrs Stares has suggested that we use the room for Read Write Inc…. but I’m afraid that isn’t possible. If only! Ha!

Next week is the last week of term and last week that I will be serving you as acting headteacher. We will be welcoming Mrs Evans back to Terrace Road in January and I know from speaking to her already that she is raring to go for the new term. Here is Mrs. Evans, the handsome Jude Evans and our Chair of Governors, Erika Kirchner whilst visiting last week.

I will be back in class in January with year 3/4 and can’t wait to get back to teaching. This goes that saying that Miss Morris has done an excellent job doing the autumn term and we thank you her for her outstanding efforts this term to settle into the school. 

We end the term with attendance at 94.67% which I’m very pleased with. It is higher than our target of 94.4% for 2016/17 and with your help, I know we can keep improving throughout the year.

If you need absolutely anything in the final week of term please don’t hesitate to visit the school. 

I will be doing my final blog next week reflecting on this busy term, so until then, HWYL FAWR!

Mr. D!

HT Blog 28/11/16

Good evening everyone! Noswaith dda!

We are gearing ourselves up for a busy few weeks at Terrace Road! It is the run up to Christmas and of course, our diaries are jam packed with exciting events.

A newsletter will be sent out on Thursday 1st December to remind you of each date to save in your diary. 

This week kicks it all off with our Nursery/Reception children performing their concert. If you haven’t already, please get your tickets from the office as they are selling fast! I watched the dress rehearsal this afternoon and it is looking brilliant! I love the way that some childre shine when in front of an audience! It could be the very beginnings of the road to stardom. I’ll be getting my autographs early as they may be worth a lot in future!!

Later this week, we also have our Y1/2 performing ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’ Our pupils have thoroughly enjoyed rehearsals and I know that you are all in for a real treat! Furthermore, purchase your tickets from the office! It could be a sell out. 

Please keep checking our Twitter feed as we like to keep you updated as exciting events and lessons unfold.

As the weather turns colder and wetter, I would kindly remind parents and guardians not to park on the zig zag lines on Norfolk Street during the busy morning drop off times and at the end of the days. It really does make a difference to the flow of traffic if there are no vehicles blocking the way and I know that our local PCSO Dave Moore is keen to enforce fines on those parked on yellow zig zags so please plan your parking before and after school. 
I know that it is difficult as we have staff who struggle on a daily basis to squeeze into tight spaces on Terrace Road and Norfolk Street. Recently, I had a £35 fine for being 2 inches onto a yellow line on Terrce Road so please be cautious.

On a separate note, please continue to keep in touch with the office staff on a daily basis regarding pupil absences, lateness due to appointments and dinner money. We appreciate your help and honesty and it makes the lives of the office staff so much easier when you keep us regularly updated. Also, if you have changed your contact details such as phone number, please update our staff as it’ll be easier to get hold of you in an emergency. 

We did a #getcaughtreading challenge last week, very well organised by Mrs. Williams. Here is what happens when #getcaughtreading goes wrong!!! I don’t think he was keen on the book!!!

Well I hope to see many of you this week for our concerts, you are in for a treat!

All the very best! Diolch i chi am ddarllen!

Mr. D

HT Blog 13/11/16

Good afternoon to you all!

It has been another fantastic week at Terrace Road! Children never stop amazing me with their talents. We had some real superstars being awarded ‘Star of the Week’ on Friday and their talents ranged from attitudes to learning, dancing skills, writing skills and even for being a great friend! Brill! It shows that we have totally unique gems at our school!

Our infant and junior children are already getting into the festive spirit with their concert and panto rehearsals. I know that the juniors have their auditions from Monday and I guarantee that ‘Cinderella Rockafella’ will be a huge hit with our audiences as we have so many talented actors and actresses amongst our Y5/6 group. Please check the newsletter for dates and times. Ticket information will be sent out in the next week or so for you to purchase your tickets.

Next Friday, 18th November is Children in Need. Children are invited to dress as their favourite superheroes….I have heard that they have already sold out of ‘Super Davies’ costumes at our nearest retail stores so children will have to choose from the other superheroes from comic books and the ‘big screen!’ Ha! It should be a colourful day and all for a great cause. Don’t forget your donations and to check out our Twitter throughout the day for embarrassing pictures of our staff members and pictures of the fundraising activities being organised by our pupils. I will ask staff and pupils to capture some priceless moments throughout the day!

Talking of priceless moments, Jai has proposed a very interesting fundraising idea for Children in Need…If he can raise over £100 then he will let me, Mr. Davies, cut his hair!! I have very limited experience of cutting hair, by limited I mean none! The challenge has been set, now let’s get fundraising! The clippers are on charge!

We have a very exciting week ahead with our entrepreneurs from Y5/6 selling their candles and purses at Swansea Market. They will be live on the radio at 7.20am on Monday and Tuesday, then selling from 9.30am in the market on Tuesday 15th  November. They are hoping to make a bundle of profit to invest into their next project. This is only the beginning! Our future millionaires are at TRP!

We have begun sending out emails and texts using our ParentMail system. Thank you for signing up. We will be sending paper copies of all letters over the next few months but our ambition is to send out as little paper letters/advertisements/flyers into 2017. This is obviously a work in progress and we need as many of you as possible to sign up to this free service. We are up to 48% sign up success so keep spreading the word!

Finally, I am hoping to record a podcast with pupils this week. I have recorded with school council as well as our head and deputy head boys/girls. It’s our Healthy School team next. We have had so much fun creating these podcasts and it just reiterates how very talented our pupils are! They are recorded in one take, no rehearsals, just like live radio!

Over an out! Enjoy your week. Please keep in touch if you need anything!

Mr. D